CHAINANT INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has a long experience on producing high-voltage electricity tools such as Hotline Clamp, Bail Clamp, Stirrup Clamp, Insulated Hot Stick, Hand Hydraulic Compression Tools, Wire Grip, Pulling Jack, Stinging Block, Running Board, Clamp Stick, Hydraulic Compression Tools and Short Circuit Earth Set. We are trusted by both private and government sectors such as PEA and MEA for over 25 years.

  STANDARD: ISO 9001:2008  
Hotline Clamp
Bail Clamp
Hand Hydraulic Compression tool
Hand Compression Tool
(Hotline Clamp)
(Bail Clamp)
(Hand Hydraulic
Compression Tool)
(Hand Compression Tool)
Stinging Block
Wire Grip
Pulling Jack
insulated hot stick
(Stinging Block)
(Wire Grip)
(Pulling Jackl)
(Insulated Hot Stick)
(Short Circuit Earth Set)
(Running Board)
(Clamp Stick)
(Single Sheave Block)
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